The all-in-one multichain NFT analytics platform

All your NFT needs in one platform. NFT Magic even lets you find new ones worth buying.

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Track the value of all your wallets over time in an easy-to-read dashboard (multiple chains)

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Our machine learning algo will recommend what to buy, based on what you already own and what is trending at the moment.

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Connect your wallets from Ethereum, Solana and Binance Smart Chain and see all the data you need in one platform.

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Our aggregator fetches info from the ranking tools and matches with market price, then compares which NFTs is worth a snipe (buy). This will let you find hidden treasures to snipe.

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In order for NFT Magic to be competitive and for its longevity, there is a buy and sales tax of 13% per transaction. The taxes will be used for marketing and development. NFT Magic is deflationary, which together with auto-liquidity creates stability long term and raises the price.

1% Auto reflections (deflationary)
2% Auto LP
1% Shiba Collection NFT prize pool
9% Marketing & Development


✅ = Done - ⚡️ = Started - ⏸ = Todo

Phase 1

Jan - Feb 2022
  • Creation of Smart contract
  • MAJOR crypto influencer partnerships (no less than 2m + following)
  • Completion of Website
  • First long-term partnership with Massive profile
  • Presale on Pinksale Finance, 200 BNB sold out in 3 seconds
  • Whitepaper completion and publication on Medium
  • ⚡️ Coingecko application
  • ⚡️ Coinmarketcap application
  • ⚡️ Creation and build of all social medias (Facebook, Medium, Telegram, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Bitcointalk)
  • ⚡️ Begin development of our cross-chain NFT platform
  • ⚡️ Launch of token with initial LP of 120 BNB
  • Massive marketing campaign (Poocoin ads, Telegram Call groups, CMS and Reddit posts, Articles on Yahoo Finance and similar news sites) - We are first on the market with this product but others will copy, therefore we will have to grow aggressively to claim market shares and assert dominance

Phase 2

Feb - March 2022
  • Hiring of crypto marketing agency
  • Continued development of machine learning algo that will detect what you own and give recommendations on valuable buys that is similar
  • Further development of our cross-chain NFT analytics platform
  • Development of staking function
  • Coingecko expedited listing
  • Coinmarketcap expedited listing
  • Listing on Coinhunt, Coinvote, Coinmooner and all similar sites
  • Surpass 1000 holders
  • LP growing to 200+ BNB
  • Continue previous marketing on a bigger scale
  • More and bigger influencer partnerships
  • Second Long-term partnership with massive profile
  • SpaceX and Times Square Billboards
  • Dextools trending
  • Coinmarketcap trending
  • Coingecko trending

Phase 3

March - April 2022
  • Launching Alpha version of our Cross-chain NFT analytics platform (supporting SOL)
  • Staking going live
  • Dextools trending
  • Coinmarketcap trending
  • Coingecko trending
  • Third, Fourth and Fifth long-term partnerships secured
  • Continued aggressive marketing
  • Surpass 5000+ holders
  • LP grown to a minimum of 1000+ BNB
  • Further development of platform, focus on cross-chain
  • First CEX listing - Tier 2 CEX

Phase 4

Q2 - Q3 2022
  • Beta version of our Cross-chain NFT analytics platform (now supporting SOL & ETH)
  • Further massive marketing push to grow aggressively
  • Second CEX listing - Tier 1 CEX
  • Surpass 25000+ holders
  • LP grown to a minimum of 6000+ BNB
  • Further development of the platform to support other popular NFT-chains & creating our own cross-chain NFT marketplace


Martin S.

Co-Founder / Business Development

Jeffrey G.

Co-Founder / Head of Product

Pavel S.

Lead Developer

Paramjeet S.

Fullstack Developer

Danielle K.

Data Scientist

Eric F. (@magic_222)

Community Manager

Gaykie. (@gyakie_121)

Community Moderator


Checkout our Whitepaper for more detailed information about the project.
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